Saturday Morning Randomness: 38 Fresh Pics and Memes to Kickstart Your Weekend

The first week back from holiday vacation is always a tough one, but now that it's over we can look behind us and laugh at some of the funniest randoms it gave us in the form of these pics and tweets. 

What is it about Las Vegas and its pre-school building block-shaped structures? While the city's new sphere has been busy taking the world by storm with its 1.2 million LED pucks these past few months, the Luxor Hotel Pyramid was flying under the radar. But the famous 30-story luxury hotel decided it was done letting the sphere roll all over it, and linked up with Doritos to turn one of its entire facades into a massive chip. Take that sphere, a Dorito chip is tastier than any round candy on the market!

Speaking of food-related advertising, Pop Tarts' edible mascot was the star of the college football bowl week and sparked tasty memes from both sports fans and the terminally online community. We will not let the pop tart mascot's sacrifice be in vain, and I for one am ready to gobble up dozens of his comrades on my own. Fortunately for Cheez-It's college bowl game mascot and the Luxor hotel, most junk food marketing remains inedible. 

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