Saturday Morning Randomness: 43 Fresh Weekend Pics and Memes That Are So Fetch

Congratulations, you've made it through to the weekend. That's cause for celebration in my book, and you can use these 45 fun randoms to help you get the party started. 

One thing you could do this weekend is go and see the new Mean Girls movie; that's actually what I'll be doing right after I get done writing this. (Not my decision, but I'm curious.) The remake of Tina Fey's cult classic stars the Broadway musical version's Renee Rapp, but unbeknownst to many excited theatergoers, yes, this one is also a musical. Multiple videos have already emerged showing groaning clueless audiences the moment Angourie Rice's Cady Heron starts to sing for the first time. 

In honor of the movie, AMC is selling a popcorn tin shaped like the iconic "burn book," although based on a few Twitter posts that book is going to earn its keep burning something other than high schoolers. "Yes, that is exactly what I will use it for," one person tweeted sarcastically. 

Even if you don't go and see Mean Girls, I hope you find a way to have a fun and satisfying weekend; hopefully with these 45 fun memes tweets, and pics included. 

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