Saturday Morning Randomness: 48 Randoms That Aren't Scared of an Acorn

Congratulations, you've made it to the weekend. You deserve the nice little two-day break you're mandated to have, and to help make it as entertaining as possible we've thrown together this collection of fun pics, memes, and tweets

Everyone who believes in ACAB got a nice little ego boost this week when a cop mistook the sound of an acorn hitting his car as shots fired. He reported himself hit over the radio and proceeded to unload multiple rounds into his own squad car before coming to his senses and realizing that the only threat to anyone in the area was himself. It makes you wonder if he really felt like an officer of the law or a gun-winning cosplaying action hero. (He was neither.)

Speaking of action heroes, Zendaya made headlines for her robotic outfit at the premiere of Dune 2, which didn't leave much to the imagination in the behind area. However, the suit got some people thinking, what would happen if you had too much Taco Bell? Would gas make it fog up, or hold the smell in a kind of fester chamber until removing it? I guess it's a good thing robots can't get stomach issues. See that and plenty more in this gallery of fun weekend randoms. 

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