Saturday Morning Randomness: 40 Fun Randoms to Supercharge Your Weekend

You've made it all the way to the weekend, and for some of you, that means a three-day extravaganza with an Easter celebration in the middle. For the rest of us with less lenient jobs, we're left with a normal weekend and only enough time to do normal things. We'll just have to distract ourselves with these entertaining pictures, memes, and tweets instead. 

The rapper and music industry mogul P Diddy, also known as Sean Love Combs, had his mansion raided by the FBI earlier this week. With allegations of trafficking, harassment and much more, Diddy could be in some serious trouble. Despite the serious nature of those crimes, the internet played its usual part in meming the home invasion, comparing Diddy to Jeffrey Epstein, and dubbing him "The Diddler." You can see one of those memes here. 

A different meme shows Quentin Tarantino yelling at the Pope. The Pope was recently filmed washing the feet of 12 former inmates on Holy Thursday, while Tarantino famously cast himself for the role of licking Salma Hayek's toes in his movie Dusk Till Dawn. He also allegedly tipped a dancer $10k to lick her feet in a club. It stands to reason he'd be jealous of the Pope's Thursday. 

See that meme and plenty more in this gallery of Saturday morning randomness. 

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