19 Bits of Scambait That Turned the Tables on Scammers

Scambait is when people try to trick the scammers themselves, and these folks certainly had their fun. One thing about scammers is that they'll keep talking, and the more you respond to them, the less time they'll spend contacting other people more prone to falling victim than you are. Not everyone is willing to do this, I know I'm not, but plenty of people like nothing more than messing with "innocent" scammers in their free time. I suppose it gives you free rein to say just about whatever you want, liberated from any broken moral compass. 

For example, if they send you a picture of a 30-something-year-old Asian woman standing next to a horse, and best believe they will, then you're well within your right to claim that horse as your own. If your friend gets hacked, you're also more than welcome to send that friend some money, as long as it's through a means you know the scammer hasn't gotten access to. Typically they love PayPal, so just send over that money via Cash App. Giving it to him in person works too, and will surely annoy the scammer enough to stop bothering you. Here are 20 people who tried, and succeeded in baiting their scammers. 

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