Sunday Morning Randomness: 47 Funday Randoms to Keep You Entertained

To help you enjoy your final day of the weekend, here are some funny tweets and memes with a couple of pics thrown in.

The cold months are best accompanied by a cup of hot coffee, and what better place to drink a cup of hot winter coffee than Chicago's famous bean? I can't imagine how many artisan coffee shops called "The Bean" there are, so it makes sense to skip all of those and head straight to the source. Except, you can't. Not until the spring anyway. Apparently, the bean is closed because of "construction required on Grainger Plaza for repairs and upgrades." Tourists just lost their only good reason to go to the windy city in the winter, and I for one will not stand for it. 

Speaking of things I won't stand for, it's high time we stopped allowing a rodent to tell us what the weather is going to look like for the next six weeks. That kind of stuff is for old people who still think the best way to cure a fever is a wet rag and saying "there, there." We have things like meteorologists and green screen boards to help us predict an early spring now. 

See tweets and memes on those, and plenty more in this grand gallery of Sunday Funday randoms. 

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