25 Dumb Bits of Advice That Actually Worked

Just because something sounds dumb, doesn't mean it isn't true. That's what these 26 people learned, when they decided to take some simple-sounding advice, only to discover its validity. Here are some life hacks, handyman tips, and straight-up wacky beliefs that wound up working out. 

When one couple was having some issues with their TV, the husband decided to try out a technique he had heard about from one of his buddies. Instead of buying a new video card, he decided to take the original out and bake it in their oven. It turns out the heat softens up the solder, thus restoring the connection. "We did that several times before the TV finally died," the wife wrote. Note to self; bake TV.

One man found other mechanical advice on page three of Google when he went searching for the answer to an issue he had with a new fuel pump he'd purchased for his old Chevy S10 truck. "The instruction manual is wrong, switch the wires." Lo and behold, some man on a 10-year-old forum had the answer. God bless the internet. 

Check out those stories, and plenty of other times seemingly dumb advice paid off. 

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