Thirsty Thursday: 36 Random Memes, Pics, and Tweets to Refill Your Cup

Staying hydrated is a non-stop challenge; let these rambunctious randoms help you out. 

It's a difficult conundrum: You're lying in bed, too thirsty to fall asleep, but too tired to get up and pour a drink. You know eventually, you'll have to cave and throw those warm sweet covers off your legs - your throat is just too dry - but in the meantime, you're holding out a sliver of hope that the peace of sleep will envelop you mercifully. It's no good that your water bottle is right next to your bed, it's empty, and you remember why you used to fill it full before every night. 

The only problem is, when you drink water before you go to bed, you wake up in the middle of the night with a similar problem: Bladder too full to fall asleep, body too tired to get out of bed and go relieve yourself. In either situation, you might need an outside force to intervene, why not let it be this edition of Thirsty Thursday's hydrating randoms? Let a quick scroll through these funny pics memes and tweets give you the energy to get out of bed and get the drink you need. 

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