Wednesday Morning Randomness: A 50 Burger of Fun Randoms to Feed Your Soul

It's the midweek, and it's time to get random! Satisfy your hunger with this 50 burger of fun randoms to feed your soul. But be sure to choose us, instead of the price-gauging swindlers known as Wendy's.

If you haven't heard, the iconic ginger fast food joint is planning to go the way of Uber for its prices; the "genius" idea of its new CEO of less than a month, Kirk Tanner. Why have a set price when you can charge people more when they're typically hungrier? It's a great idea if all you care about is briefly fleecing poor people out of money. Why would someone go, "Hmm, where should I go for lunch?" And then decide, "How about the place that charges more specifically when it's lunchtime?" The concept is sickening, and hopefully results in a colossal failure, instead of other fast food CEOs playing copycat. At the very least we got a decent day's worth of memes out of it, a few of which are featured here. 

Price gouging news also has people reminiscing about the early Madden games, when you could adjust the price of hot dogs in your team's stadium; much to the dismay or appreciation of your fans. I guess everyone is generous until they have a price-to-profit slider at their fingertips. 

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