21 of the 'Biggest Downgrades' in Human History

A recent Twitter prompt asked users what were the biggest downgrades they’ve seen in TV, movies, and products. And to start the whole thread the poster used the two different Iron Man suits as an example. Over 40 million people viewed the tweet and many gave their answers for the biggest downgrades. 

Many pointed out animation style changes like Pikachu losing his chunkiness and American Dragon Jake Long becoming more lizard than dragon in its second season. The actor switch in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies makes sense since there was a gap between the original movies and the newer ones. We get it, the kid is no longer a kid but the character of the older brother, Roderick suffered a terrible downgrade not casting Devon Bostick again.

There are some food-related downgrades like the Famous Amos cookies getting a design and taste change in the last couple of years. And every once in a while, someone tweets how they wish they still put coke in Coke.

From push to start and Apple dongles, these people are passionate about the downgrades. But no post is truer than one person pointing out the downgrade from dinosaurs to birds. They used to be so much cooler.

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