22 People Share Things That Scream 'I've Never Been Poor'

As Laura Dern's character loudly proclaims in Big Little Lies, "I will NOT, not be rich." But while she has to make that happen for herself, plenty of other people live their whole lives without ever wondering where their money is coming from. The result is someone without a concept of money or how it works for the rest of us. Like Lucille Bluth says in Arrested Development, "It's one banana, Michael, how much could it cost, $10?" These 22 people decided to share their own versions of that moment when they realized the person they were talking to had never been poor

Even if rich kids have some concept of budgeting their own money, they sometimes have trouble understanding where exactly that money comes from. One person described talking with a friend in high school about paying for college. That friend just didn't understand why the student couldn't ask their dad to pay for school. You know, like every dad can. Another story involved a group of rich kids inviting the entire class on a trip to the Bahamas, and discovering in shock that most kids were unable to go

Read those, and 20 other stories of rich people with no understanding of how money really works. 

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