34 Funny Memes and Tweets for Your Late Night Entertainment

If you feel the urge to stay up late, try checking out these fun images to keep you awake. 

Early on Wednesday, Time Magazine announced that Taylor Swift would be their "Person of the Year." The decision is hardly surprising; the mega-star and her Era's Tour have taken the United States and world by storm, selling out stadiums and quite literally boosting local economies with the purchasing power of her fans. Her new relationship with Kansas City Chief's star tight end Travis Kelce kept her in the spotlight even while her tour took a break, and it's hard to say they're not the most followed celebrity couple at the moment. 

Like her or not her influence is enormous, and Time's decision is definitely the right one. But what is surprising is who she was competing with for the "honor." Barbie, not the movie or Margot Robbie but the fictional character, and Russian President Vladimir Putin were also in the running. Who would have known that Taylor's "Cruel Summer" would have a bigger impact than Vlad's cruel summer of terrorizing the Ukrainian people? Check out a tweet on that, and more in this gallery of 34 funny memes and tweets to help you stay up late. 

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