17 DIY Fails People Should Have Paid a Professional For

So you saw a video on TikTok or Facebook of a creative “life hack” or “easy DIY project” and thought to yourself, "Well, I could do that." Dear reader, that should be the moment when you exit the social media app and start searching for professionals in your area because DIY projects are so much more than meets the eye.

Listen, people can barely get through Ikea builds nowadays. Do you think you could successfully redo a bathroom or finish some minor home improvements? Some people spent time getting certified in a trade. That is a lot more legitimate than someone with a screwdriver, caulk, and a dream.

Most importantly, The bar of success is low. Would you rather pay for a trip to Home Depot plus all of the supplies needed for the DIY or just pay someone professional for their time and services then sit back and relax? The quick fixes may be quick but you will be spending years fixing the consequences.

So, scroll down below and witness so many people who should’ve just dialed the phone and gotten that plumber/baker/builder. These people have absolutely obliterated their homes and vehicles to avoid a bill. But that is what you get for believing some guy on the internet that these projects are so easy that anyone can do it. 

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