22 World War II Facts Most Don't Know

There are a million wild facts about thesecond World War, but not all of them are as commonly known as others. In this Ask Reddit thread, people shared the wildest facts they knew about World War II, and plenty of folks threw in some awesome personal family anecdotes as well. 

Once Germany had occupied a territory, it became very difficult for the population of that territory to fight back. (See the French resistance.) But after being forced to start manufacturing trucks for the Axis, workers for the French automaker Citroen found a creative way to rebel. Knowing they couldn't sabotage anything outright without causing suspicion, they simply changed the markings on the trucks' dipsticks. This meant that the Germans often ran them on low oil without realizing it, eventually leading to significantly more breakdowns.

In a similar fashion, one person recounted a story of a bomb landing in an Allied facility. However the bomb never detonated, and upon inspection was empty on the inside spare a single paper note reading, "This was all I could do." I bet for the people in that building, that was more than enough. 

Here are 22 wild facts and stories from World War II. 

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