17 Innocent Tweets That Turned People Into Twitter Villains

Twitter is known for being the app of insane discourse. No matter the season or time of day, someone is getting absolutely ripped apart for their opinion. Now, the former Twitter main characters are acknowledging the tweets that put everyone in a tizzy.

User @iambethmccoll posted about being confused about a certain line in the Barbie movie this past summer. Well, that post came with hoards of people calling her stupid. Another user, @offbeatorbit, has many instances of being Twitter’s main character and having her tweets blatantly misunderstood. The post she talks about though is one roasting the picky eaters for not eating vegetables. The discussion of picky eaters on the internet always turns violent. I guess people hate being called a child for eating off the kid's menu. Of course, there are users who become the villains for the day after numerous people misunderstand a joke. This is the case for @clownboy514 who made a “smoking in bars” joke.

The internet is a terribly reactionary place that can ruin lives. But seeing the Twitter “villains” stand by their controversial takes and continue to be on the app is commendable. It's also slightly masochistic but you can be the judge of that. Scroll down to see what innocuous tweets become multiday online discourse. 

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