Panera Founder Says Employees "Don't Care About Making Money for Shareholders" – And He's Right

When CEOs grumble that "nobody wants to work anymore," they're really complaining about workers who prioritize their own value over shareholder profit. Panera founder Ron Shaich agrees; "Nobody cares," he told Business Insider

It makes sense. Why would somebody working paycheck to paycheck care about the fruits of their labor when they don't even get to taste some fruit juice? "No employee ever wakes up and says, 'I'm so excited. I made another penny a share today for Panera's shareholders,'" Shaich said. "Nobody cares. You don't care whether your CEO comes or goes."

It's a refreshing take for an executive to have, and although plenty of outlets have implied otherwise in their headlines, it would seem that Shaich agrees with the workers on this one. As one commenter on Reddit's antiwork subreddit put it, "Give me a decent amount of stock and I'll care."

Panera is set to go public once again through IPO, reversing its 2017 decision that took it off the market. Shaich is the current chair of the restaurant chain Cava, which also went public this year. Unfortunately, neither seems set to put its money, shares, or Panera bread where its mouth is when it comes to giving workers a reason to care. 

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