Secretary Fired for Following the Rules, But Company Forced to Keep Her On For Months

"You are fired for obeying my rules, please stay until we can replace you though." That's effectively what one boss told her secretary, after firing her for doing exactly what she asked. 

This story took place back in 2005 when gender dynamics in workplaces weren't quite as good as they are now – not that there still isn't a ways to go. Having just moved from the United States to Australia to live with her new husband, one woman was finding it hard to transfer her college degree and land a real job. As a result, she took a number of temporary positions including working as a secretary for a loan brokerage company. In order to protect the women in her position, her boss rightly discouraged the secretaries from going above and beyond to help the salesman, especially in regards to making coffee; they could make their own. 

However, when one hotshot salesman demanded she make him a coffee, her boss fired her for refusing to comply. 

However, due to the company's questionable reputation among secretaries, there was no replacement in sight, and she was asked to stay on. And what happens when you get to work for a place after they've already fired you? You get to do whatever you want, including not making coffee. 

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