Senior Admin Quits After Company Denies His Raise, Gets 5 Times His Salary After Everything Falls Apart Without Him

When a company refused to give an experienced administrator a raise, he made sure they found out what he was worth the hard way.

Having started out as a junior administrator when the company was smaller, this now senior admin had worked his way up and knew the inner workings of the company like the back of his hand. "I did it all well enough that everyone forgot the systems needed managing and that I was the one doing the management," he wrote. However, when it came to his attention that two newly hired junior admins were making twice his salary, he realized it was time to demand his worth. "Best I can do is a reference letter," his CIO told him.

After "rage applying" to new jobs, the admin eventually landed a new role paying significantly more and put in his notice. Soon, however, the systems he ran began falling apart. "The CIO called begging for my help," he described. Eventually, the company had no choice but to pay him for his expertise. "I made more than my requested salary in less than six months." Additionally, the company had to hire two more people just to take on his workload. Now that's how you prove your worth in style. 

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